DotCom Therapy is now Huddle Up

Transform your IEP Experience

Huddle Up transforms IEP services with reliable, high-quality providers, ensuring seamless care, community involvement, transparency, and adaptability to scaling and increased need.

Impact of IEP Huddle

Empowered Educators and Families. Stronger Community.


Increased Academic Performance


Increased Student 


Compliant with IEP regulations


Compensatory time

What’s included in IEP Huddle?

With Huddle Up’s IEP and related services solution, you gain a team that supports you, managing all the key components of IEP planning, services, and reporting.

Full management of IEP program and services:

  • 1:1 IEP, 504, and RTI virtual evaluations for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and School Psychology
  • 1:1 IEP, 504, and RTI virtual sessions for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Mental Health Therapy, and School Psychology
  • Facilitation of IEP planning, internal and parent meetings, and reporting

Empower families of IEP students to participate:

  • Access to Family Care Hub — a platform that supports families by providing updates on care, ongoing educational resources, and continues care at home
  • Dedicated family outreach communications and programs

Resources for the entire school, faculty, and staff:

  • Access to Educator Hub — our resource platform for educators, staff, and your in-person providers, as well as classroom activities and tools to impact classroom performance
  • Professional development credits for educators and your in-person providers

Huddle Up Difference

Dream Team, Care Team

Our diverse team of hundreds of specialized providers collaborate closely and use our innovative proprietary technology platform and evidence-based treatment approaches to support students and achieve better outcomes.

Surround-Sound Support

We empower the community surrounding the student to support care, with our Huddle Up Family Care Hub and Educator Hub experiences. 

Real Results

We use multiple measures for quality and results of care. We make data-driven decisions that prioritize the needs of the student first, as well as impact to the entire population.