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Team-based virtual IEP and schoolwide mental health and wellbeing solutions for students aged 0-21.

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They say that your zip code determines your options as far as school goes, and therefore your success. But our partnership… gives everyone the right zip code, and gives everyone the opportunity to have access.

Keith Blackson
Coordinating Supervisor at Prince George’s County School District

Huddle Up Suite of Solutions

IEP Huddle

Consistent, high quality care partnership that results in 100% compliant IEP programs.

End-to-end support for IEP-related services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and School Psychology tailored to your SPED population. Additionally, we provide dedicated support for educators and families, ensuring a holistic approach to student success.

All Student Huddle

Support the mental health needs of the whole population, increasing academic performance while reducing educator burnout.

Deliver tailored schoolwide Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning support through our comprehensive multi-tiered approach, featuring Tier 1 and 2 all-population screening and self-guided resources, as well as Tier 3 virtual one-on-one sessions. We work with your existing SEL, MTSS, or Tiered Support solution, or can develop a stand-alone tiered support model.

Family Care Hub

Personalized, self-paced care resources to empower every student and family to achieve improved outcomes.

Schools can effortlessly involve parents along their child's journey, fostering higher engagement and better compliance, ensuring a collaborative approach towards student success.

A platform that supports classroom social and emotional learning (SEL) as well as personalized growth, development, and mental wellbeing.

Students and families have seamless access in the classroom and at home to activities, self-paced courses, and support resources delivered through our web app.

The Huddle Up Difference

We bring our specialist providers, children, school staff, and families together with high quality care that supports the whole community.

Our approach
to care

Huddle Up Care Difference

When we huddle together, good things happen.

Expert Providers with personal support teams

Care team:
Each provider has a manager and subject matter expert support.

Continuous growth:
Learning & development programming, certification courses, and cross-licensing.

Evidence-based practice focus: We publish our clinical data and research.

Consistent Quality powered by technology

Consistent provider practices:
Our provider tools enable providers to follow consistent workflows, and takes care of mundane tasks for them.

Data tracking and learning:
Our continuous learning platform utilizes data to personalize care and deliver the best outcomes for each child and adolescent.

Care for Caregivers
so they can be at their best

Our providers are all W2 hourly and benefits eligible depending on hours worked, with a 90 day retention rate of over 95%.

Lighter load:
We take care of administrative work for providers, from staffing substitutes to credentialing paperwork.

Our providers benefit from peer to peer interactions and case discussions.

Transform your district