DotCom Therapy is now Huddle Up

A support system for your students

Tiered mental health services for the entire student population

All Student Huddle

Students excel academically when they have resources and skills to cope with life’s difficulties. Huddle Up offers a scalable solution that works with social-emotional learning (SEL) and tiered support frameworks such as MTSS to lift the entire population’s mental health and wellbeing.

What’s included in All Student Huddle?

Comprehensive Mental Health Support:

  • Schoolwide 1:1 virtual sessions and consultations for Mental Health Therapy 
  • Planning for sessions
  • Whole-population screening and population insights reporting

Empower families to participate in care:

  • In-class and at-home SEL and self-guided mental wellness exercises and education for your entire population in Family Care Hub, with content tailored to each person’s specific needs
  • Access to Educator Hub tailored support resources for families so they can best support their child’s needs
  • Ability for families to schedule therapy sessions for their child

Resources for the entire school, faculty, and staff:

  • Access to Educator Hub — our resource platform for educators, staff , and your in-person providers, as well as classroom activities and tools to impact classroom performance
  • Professional development credits for educators and your in-person providers

Whole-population education, outreach, and engagement services

  • Turnkey outreach campaigns for communications to support your population and staff

Flexible to your needs

Huddle Up follows a tiered methodology, to extend access to as many students as possible. With Huddle Up, you can purchase just the amount of 1:1 services as you need, instead of hiring a full person onsite.

How we partner with school counselors

In many schools, a school counselor is trying to do it all, and often has a long waitlist, too. We help school counselors get back to counseling on academic-related issues by supporting with mental health therapy services. Schools can purchase as much –or as little – services as they need.

How we fit with SEL, MTSS, and tiered support programs

We’ve built our systems, resources, and services to be configurable to your framework. We offer scalable, self-guided, group, and live 1:1 services for the entire population, as well as support resources and certification courses for educators, to fit into the needs of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 levels of care. 

Huddle Up has engaging games, videos, and resources that help students access the skills they are working on.

Case Manager at Goodman-Armstrong Creek School District

Quality of your providers is fantastic that remotely blend in as staff members within our schools.

Administrator at Mount Desert Island Regional School System

Our therapist is absolutely fantastic.  She works with my schedule when consulting.  She does amazing with our students.  She individualizes for each of our students and works according to their pace with a willingness to brainstorm and set up other times if needed.

Teacher at Kankakee Area Special Education Cooperative